Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Showcase 5/22/13

For today, our showcase is Justin Thompson's nature blog, "Nature Can Do That?"*

"Nature Can Do That?" is kind of like all the interesting parts of Animal Planet on one site.  There's unbelievable animals, stunning ecosystems, or the occasional silly video (pictured above) featured twice a week.  Some nice posts to check out are the horned lizardwestern parotiathe Socotra Island, the comb jelly and the Goliath bird-eating spider.  However, be warned -- the earlier posts are of questionable quality.  Once a research and writing system was set up, the posts become a bit better.

If you enjoy the content, consider becoming a member!

Tomorrow's showcase will actually be voted on.  After 6:00 PM, click this link to vote:

Want your project to featured in a showcase?  Submit it before 5:00 PM each day either through email ( or by a comment on the submissions page.

*Don't worry, this isn't us flaunting some kind of perceived totalitarian authority.  We wanted an example of what the showcase would look like, but forgot to ask anybody in class for permission to use their project.  Auspicious start, right?

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